Young Birders Club - Oakland Owlets


Our goal is to teach young people and their families the importance
of bird life and nature in the community through programs and
outdoor experiences.  You will learn and develop skills through
stewardship while having fun. The club is directed to young people
ages 10 to 18.

Upcoming Activities:

April 7, 2017 (Friday)
Frog Symphony (7:00 PM)
Location: West Bloomfield Nature Preserve
Hosted by the Detroit Audubon Society

Join us to hear and maybe see frogs singing their romantic serenades.
We often see some fine birds and even some salamanders in the marsh before it gets dark.
It is a nice outing for families and small children.

April 21, 2017 (Saturday)
Woodcock Watch (7:30 PM) and Young Birders' Pizza Party (6:00 PM)
Location: Oakwoods Metropark Nature Center near Flat Rock, MI
Hosted by the Detroit Audubon Society

Right at dusk, this sandpiper - with its long beak and huge comical eyes - does its spectacular aerial courtship display
in open areas. This program is great for families with children. Enjoy a Pre-Woodcock Watch pizza party at 6:00 with other
interested Young Birders! Or if you would prefer, stop by at 7:30 just for the Woodcock Watch!

Blog: oaklandaudubonsocietyyoungbirders.wordpress.com


1) The Young Birders Club is open to young birders of any skill level
between ages 10-18 but younger birders with real interest are also welcome.
2) Young birders must be accompanied by a parent during all activities.
Young birders age 16-18 can participate without parental
accompaniment provided a permission/waiver form has been signed
by a parent.
3) A nominal membership fee will be charged beginning in 2014 for all
young birders who are not already OAS members (via a family membership).

General Information:

1) We recommend that young birders have their own
binoculars (light weight) and a field notebook. There is the
possibility of sharing or borrowing binoculars on outings but this
cannot be guaranteed.
2) Transportation to event locations is the responsibility of the parent
unless otherwise indicated.
3) Be sure to dress for the weather.
4) All Young Birder Club activities will be canceled during severe
weather conditions (snowstorms, tornado/thunderstorms). 
Please check with activity leaders when in doubt.