Young Birders Club - Oakland Owlets


Our goal is to teach young people and their families the importance
of bird life and nature in the community through programs and
outdoor experiences.  You will learn and develop skills through
stewardship while having fun. The club is directed to young people
ages 10 to 18.

Upcoming Activities:

October 23, 2016 (Sunday) 1:00 - 3:00 PM -
Wild Bird Hand Feeding with Special Guest "Blue" the Blue Jay! - Kensington Metropark

Co-sponsored by Detroit Audubon and Oakland Audubon - Come enjoy refreshments and see wildlife up close at this special event. The birds at Kensington Metropark have a unique behavior: they will land in your hand for a free meal! Black Capped Chickadees are intelligent and quick to adapt; they have been passing this behavior down for generations, along with other bird species like nuthatches and woodpeckers.

Park officials are aware and supportive of hand feeding birds at Kensington; there are even dispensers for seeds. Detroit Audubon and Oakland Audubon are happy to provide bird seed and share information on the natural history of the birds we will get to see in the palm of our hands.  Along with hand feeding the wild birds outside in the Metropark, we are happy to welcome a special guest that Young Birders can meet and learn more about: Blue the Bluejay! She was rescued as a chick and has since become an educational live animal.

Come out and enjoy the fall weather, along with complimentary refreshments! We will be serving apple cider and doughnuts for the people and seeds for the birds. Membership, though appreciated, is not required to attend this event and all interested young birders are welcome!

The Program will begin in the Nature Center. We will move out to hand feed wild birds. We advise that you check the weather before and dress warmly if needed.

Please note that a Metropark entrance fee or sticker is required to enter Kensington Metropark.

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Contact Information:

Janet Hug:  Cell: 248-736-2839       email: jkissnhug@comcast.net

Blog: oaklandaudubonsocietyyoungbirders.wordpress.com


1) The Young Birders Club is open to young birders of any skill level
between ages 10-18 but younger birders with real interest are also welcome.
2) Young birders must be accompanied by a parent during all activities.
Young birders age 16-18 can participate without parental
accompaniment provided a permission/waiver form has been signed
by a parent.
3) A nominal membership fee will be charged beginning in 2014 for all
young birders who are not already OAS members (via a family membership).

General Information:

1) We recommend that young birders have their own
binoculars (light weight) and a field notebook. There is the
possibility of sharing or borrowing binoculars on outings but this
cannot be guaranteed.
2) Transportation to event locations is the responsibility of the parent
unless otherwise indicated.
3) Be sure to dress for the weather.
4) All Young Birder Club activities will be canceled during severe
weather conditions (snowstorms, tornado/thunderstorms). 
Please check with activity leaders when in doubt.