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Upcoming Weekend Field Trip

Seney NWR
July 14-16 (Friday - Sunday)  Leader: Don Burlett
This trip is to the UP for general birding and to find a Black-backed Woodpecker.  We will be staying near Newberry, MI while we travel the area to find the woodpecker.  We also plan to visit Seney NWR for general birding, which typically has loons, rails, etc.  We’ll drive up Friday and spend part of Saturday in search, returning home on Sunday. 
Be prepared for any weather and for bugs.  Carpooling will be encouraged. 
Also, reserve your rooms early. For more details please click HERE.

For the full list of upcoming field trips, visit our Field Trips page.

Things to do:

  • Learn more about birds this spring and summer through volunteer work such as bird banding, nest-box monitoring, and conducting bird surveys.

  • Check out the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center at the Detroit Zoo.  It is home to 70 penguins.

Our Mission

  • Promote an interest in native wildlife including birds, other animals and plants and advocate the preservation of wildlife habitats in Michigan.
  • Provide on a local level, access to the natural world through activities and social media such as meetings, field trips, newsletter, website, facebook, twitter and blogs.

     OAS is a chapter of Michigan Audubon Society. We have served Oakland County, Michigan since 1958.

     Photo credits this page:  Dylan O'Reilly