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Second Tuesday of the month (except July, August and December), starting at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location

First United Methodist ChurchClick here to See Map and Directions
Thomas Parlor Room
1589 West Maple Road
Birmingham, MI 48009

Meeting cancellations: If a meeting is canceled or you are unsure of the status of a meeting,
please check this website, or call a board member or the church (248-646-1200).

2017 Upcoming Programs
        Date/Time                                 Topic        Speaker  .

09/12/17              7:00 PM              “The Phillipines - Island of Endemics”                     Don Burlett

    The Phillipines are a birder's paradise. This country is made up of isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean near Asia, providing a perfect spot for isolated bird species to evolve. Boasting 7,107 islands, the Phillipines can also boast of having 657 species, of which 214 are endemic. Join Don Burlett as we visit seven of these islands in a quest to see many of the islands' birds. We'll also enjoy the landscape, history and culture of these islands.

10/10/17    7:00 PM      “Conservation and Management of the North American Black Tern”   Erin Rowan

  The Black Tern population in North America has been in decline since the 1960's for reasons not completely understood. In a joint research effort, partners from Detroit Audubon, Audubon Great Lakes, National Audubon, Detroit Zoological Society, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment Canada, are studying the nesting colony at St. Clair flats. This project is in its fifth year in 2017. Our Team is currently trying to band adults and chicks for a long-term mark-recapture study from which population modeling will be done.
This modeling will help us identify the pressures limiting population growth, which will inform conservation strategies. Black Terns are a Species of Special Concern for Michigan, and all the Great Lakes states
have the species on their action plans. Come learn more about these efforts and the advancements the project
has made over these last 5 years from Detroit Audubon's Research Coordinator, Erin Rowan!

11/14/17    7:00 PM      “Yellowstone - The First and Best”   Gordon Lonie

      Yellowstone became our nation’s first National Park in 1872.  It is world famous for its geysers and wildlife.  Join speaker Gordon Lonie for the story behind the geologic and biologic wonders of the park. 
Highlights will include Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lake Yellowstone, and Hayden Valley.  Bring your bear spray and get ready to enjoy an evening in grizzly country.

1/9/18    7:00 PM      “Adventures Down Under”   Jeff Stacey

     OAS Field Trip Officer Jeff Stacey visited Australia, loved it, and ended up going back there again the same year.  Anyone who has seen Jeff’s photos knows that he is a terrific photographer, so we can expect
some great views of Australia’s special birds, mammals, and scenery. You won’t want to miss it.