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Our Mission


Promote an interest in native wildlife including birds, other animals and plants 

and advocate the preservation of wildlife habitats in Michigan.


Provide on a local level, access to the natural world  through activities and social media

such as meetings, field trips, newsletter, website, facebook, twitter and blogs.


     OAS is a chapter of Michigan Audubon Society and the National Audubon Society. 

We have served Oakland County, Michigan since 1958.

Winter 2022 Nuthatch

The Winter 2022 Nuthatch is in!

Click Here to read the full issue and visit

our Nuthatch Page for past issues.

Amazon Smiles

Oakland Audubon Society is excited to announce we are now a part of the Amazon Smiles Program! If you are an Amazon user and would like to help benefit OAS, simply CLICK HERE to add us to your favorite charity list and then shop! A percentage of your purchases will be donated to OAS and will help support our organization. If you aren't using Amazon Smiles, try it out.  We'll appreciate it!

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